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Baby Bath Seat Newborns 6-18 Months

Baby Bath Seat Newborns 6-18 Months

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Are you looking for an easy and secure way to bathe your 6-18 month old baby? Look no further than our Baby Bath Seat! Crafted from premium PP and PET materials, this bath seat provides optimal protection, comfort, and ease of use for a delightful bathing experience. Featuring strong adsorption, robust load bearing capabilities, a wrap-around design, comfortable armrests, and an easy-to-use design, this bath seat is a must-have for parents of young infants.


💪 Strong Adsorption: Our bath stool is equipped with a robust suction cup at the base, providing a secure and stable seating arrangement to the bathtub.
💪 Strong Load Capacity: Crafted from high-quality PP and PET materials, our baby bath chair exhibits a strong load-bearing capacity. Plus, its smooth corners guarantee a safe environment for your baby.
🏊‍♀️ Wrap Around Design: Our bath seat features a wrap-around design that provides optimal protection and security for your baby, allowing you to easily clean them without worry.
💺 Comfortable Armrest: This bath seat comes with comfortable armrests and a high back, ensuring your baby is supported and secure while seated in the bathtub.
🔑 Ease of Use: Installing and using our bath seat is a breeze - just place it in the bathtub, position it to your liking, and lock the suction cup in place.


- High-quality PP and PET materials
- Suction cup design for secure adhesion
- Structured armrests and high back
- Suitable for infants aged 6-18 months


To install our baby bath seat, simply place it in the bathtub, position it to your liking, and secure the suction cup in place. Once the bath seat is secured, you can sit your baby down in the bathtub for a safe and comfortable bathing experience.


Q: Is this bath seat suitable for infants aged 0-6 months?
A: Unfortunately, this bath seat is only suitable for infants aged 6-18 months.

Q: What materials are used to make this bath seat?
A: This bath seat is crafted from high-quality PP and PET materials, making it both durable and comfortable for your baby.

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