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Maternity Belly Belt Cover Pregnancy Baby Support Girdle - Black

Maternity Belly Belt Cover Pregnancy Baby Support Girdle - Black

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1 x Maternity Belly Band
A MUST for all Pregnant Ladies' wardrobes!! As the months go on, are you getting more and more uncomfortable in your current clothes, and don't want to spend money on new clothes? Are you sick and tired of your clothes not fitting?
Look no further....
Buy one of our affordable belly bands!
Why are they so good?
-No need to buy longer tops
-Allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants without doing up the buttons! (no one has to know)
-Wear during your pregnancy and even after
-Wear at full length or folded in half around your waist
-Hide waistbands and elastic panels on maternity jeans
-add length to tops and coverage to pants
-use to cover skin while breastfeeding
-Helps reduce lower back pain and fatigue during pregnancy
-Offers great support for your bump and back
-Helps blood circulation
-Made from soft fabric which makes it comfortable to wear
-Made from anti-bacterial, breathable, stretchy material


Sizing depends on your pant size
The size provided is your pant size

SMALL - Pant Sizes: 0 - 4
MEDIUM - Pant Sizes: 6-12
LARGE - Pant Sizes: 14-18
EXTRA LARGE - Pant Sizes: 18-24

86% Cotton14% Spandex

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